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 . . . with our professional and certified peer tutoring services. We provide several tutoring options to Penn State Harrisburg students. Tutoring options include writing, academic success coaching, speeches, and many math, science, and business courses.

The professional writing tutors help students at any point in the writing process with objective feedback on any project, with suggestions for more effective and efficient methods of writing. We also help with MLA, APA, or Chicago Style documentation styles. Professional correspondence is also supported, including graduate school applications, scholarship/grant essays, and job packets.

The Academic Success Coaches work with students to build individual study plans and find the best study strategies to use for each individual. Students who participate in these appointments are able to gain time management skills, test-taking strategies, and organizational skills. Students have the chance to have a better understanding about how they learn so that they can reduce the amount of time necessary to study and ultimately become more successful in their studies in general.

Learning Center tutors provide programs helping international students with adapting to the American experience as well as tactics for improving English language skills. This includes: advice to international students on giving effective presentations and speeches, tips on more effective reading strategies, and work with students to learn the benefits of SmartPen technology as it relates to success in the classroom.

Math, science, and statistics courses such as MATH 017, MATH 021, MATH 022, MATH 026, MATH 110, MATH 140, MATH 141, CHEM 101, CHEM 110, PHYS 150, PHYS 151, PHYS 211 sequence, and STAT 200 are supported by professional tutoring and peer tutoring with drop-in clinics and appointments. For other courses, if possible, we recruit and train peer tutors for specific subject areas as requested.

The Learning Center is located on the second floor of the Student Enrichment Center, or SEC, in suite 201. Our office is open 8 am - 5 pm Mondays - Fridays. We offer tutoring 9 am - 7 pm Mondays - Thursdays and 9 am - 5 pm on Fridays. The office can be reached at (717) 948-6475. For your convenience, we also offer online appointments!

Students are limited to 75 minutes per week of tutoring for Academic Success Coaching, and two hours per course, per week for Writing. Students are limited to three hours per course for math, science, and business courses.

If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, you must do so at least 2 hours before your appointment to avoid it being counted as missed.

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